your truly revisited

It was the 22 November 2010, two weeks after the opening of Yourtruly, that I first met and interviewed owner Daniel Holland. It’s now almost two and a half years down the line and you’ve most probably been to Yourstuly, and bumped into Dan, since but perhaps haven’t heard the story of just how this guy got to where he is…

Graphic designer by day, waiter by night. This is where Daniel Holland, owner of Yourstruly, was a year ago (2009). For six years, the idea of getting involved in coffee had been hovering at the back of his mind. Fed up with living like a “drone”, as he says, he decided to turn his dream into a reality. He quit his day job and began the hunt to find a small space where he could serve coffee, ideally through a hatch. He admits that he was optimistic but hugely naïve and had to go back to the drawing board a number of times. He was turned down twelve times before Lady Luck gave him a break with a spot on Long Street.

A lot has changed since Yourtruly first opened, and from sitting down with Dan over a cup of coffee this past week, it is clear that it is not only the interior that has developed but the owner, too. From a young starry-eyed buck that, in the nicest of terms, could be seen spinning in service and fretting about getting his bread orders right, there now exists a confident coffee shop owner and entrepreneur. Dan admits that his new year’s resolution was to stop sweating the small stuff and to just enjoy the moment. What came from that was a new found love for his little coffee spot. Most rewarding for him is the fact that Yourstruly is still such a popular spot; this past March was their busiest month ever. If he’s not in the shop he’s running or hiking on the mountain, surfing or skating; simply living life, really.

And without giving too much away, there might be something involving pizzas evenings in the pipeline… watch this space.

021 422 3788
175 Long Street
Cape Town


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