Your next hike up Lion’s Head

Whether you are a Capetonian local or visiting the mother city for business or pleasure, you have without a doubt become familiar with the outcrop next to the iconic Table Mountain, also called ‘The Lions Rump’, Lion’s Head. It’s the perfect hiking expedition for people wanting something short and sweet, that will provide the same breathtaking views that the other surrounding peaks provide and will work up a sweat but not kill you half way up to the summit. The hike up and down Lion’s Head without a break will last a total of 45 minutes, so doing it at your own leisurely pace as well as perhaps having a picnic up on the top of Lion’s Head is a brilliant excursion no matter who you are.

The slopes of Lion’s head can be reached from the ample parking provided, or from the various entrances at the top of Sea Point. Many locals take a walk right from the main road and head straight up into the forested slopes from the roads above the luxurious houses and apartments found nestled in the foothills of Lion’s Head. Then its straight and to the right where the huge Lion’s Head peers over to welcome you. There is a very visible path that leads all the way up to the peak of Lion’s Head, so getting lost on this hike is very rare. Many people do venture up Lion’s Head alone, but it is definitely not advised, especially if you are not familiar with the territory or if it is a night time full moon hike up Lion’s Head. The beginning of the hike is fairly simple with a gentle incline that goes largely unnoticed. Then towards the middle there are some acrobatic movements required with a rope and chains, until you reach the peak. On your hike you will be able to marvel at the incredibly awe-inspiring vista that is Cape Town, the panoramic view stretches right into the blue horizon over the sea, and no matter how many times you climb to the highest part of Lion’s Head, the view will always inspire and leave you standing in awe.

The peak of Lion’s Head is filled with rocky outcrops and is not as large as one would think, but there is ample room and beautifully comfortable little nooks and crannies to enjoy a picnic or gathering with a few friends after your hike. It is by far one of the most incredible and easy to reach spots in Cape Town when wanting a breathtaking sight to picnic in, or even when lacking inspiration, many a creative find themselves, pen and notebook in hand, journeying up toward the summit of inspiration.

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