World music comes to the Mother City for the Cape Town Nu World festival

The Cape Town Nu World festival is a true world music festival that takes place each July in the historic Cape Town City Hall in the city centre. It draws acts from more than 10 countries and plenty from within South Africa’s borders. Organiser Ma’or Harris explains why this festival is so unique.

The wide range of music and acts at the Cape Town Nu World Festival is something you would not normally see at other festivals.

We like to give relatively unknown acts (local and international) a big stage with top quality sound, based on the merit of their quality, not their fame. The most satisfying element of organising the Cape Town Nu World Festival is the buzz in the air while the event is happening, as well as the excitement on festival goers’ faces while they are experiencing something new.

Personally, I also enjoy the contact with the artists. It feels like we are all working together towards a common goal – the goal of escalating the music that deserves it the most.

The Cape Town Nu World Festival strives to provide a platform to showcase and show-off South African music. Because the full scope of South African music is often not heard or experienced enough in the city. The festival is a platform to show off our identity and to make us proud – an alternative to the predominantly Eurocentric festivals and shows in Cape Town.

It’s really all about decurifying, exposing, and making people dance.

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