word of mouth: ‘sous chef’ by jop kunneke

image by Stanislaw Trzebinski

Fine artist and sculptor Jop Kunneke was one of more than forty artists and designers invited by Southern Guild to create a piece for Heavy Metal, the exhibition that took place at the Woodstock Foundry in February and March this year. The brief was simple: the work had to incorporate metal, obviously, and it had to be functional.

Tongue-in-cheek humour is one of Jop’s trademarks and the limited edition bronze sculpture of a pig’s head captures this with striking – and perhaps startling, at first – beauty. You may wonder exactly where the “functionality” comes into play, but look a little closer and you will notice that it is, in fact, a knife block. A high-end, sculptural knife block, perhaps, but functional nonetheless. Stainless steel sleeves and magnets hold one large or a few smaller knives in place.

The porcine sous chef held court at the Benedikt launch last week, but is currently winging his way to the US (pigs, it seems, do fly) to hog even more limelight at the New York Design Fair.

We’ll be featuring more of Jop’s work in our first ever Woodstock Guide, due on street in May, but in the meantime you can contact Jop on 082 726 7672 or jopkunneke@gmail.com.

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