Why the world loves Cape Town’s International Jazz Festival

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival the jazz jewel in Cape Town’s event crown, where lovers of music unite for two days of pure inspiration and enthusiastic celebration.

Each year thousands of people from every corner of the globe travel to Cape Town on the last weekend or March or the first weekend of April to experience the cream of the world’s jazz crop at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

Over the years the festival has expanded to include other musical genres such as pop, progressive, electronica, hip hop and R&B – but the focus remains on the jazz greats. With five stages spread in and around the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the festival sees some 35 000 music enthusiasts through its doors over two days.

The festival also hosts various training and development initiatives for aspiring musicians, photographers, entertainment journalists and more, such as the Masterclasses with top musicians playing at the festival, the DuoTone Photographic Exhibition (which showcases a range of live photography from amateurs and professionals), Fashion & All That Jazz Gala Dinner (which celebrates emerging South African fashion designers) and a Golf Day, amongst others.

But perhaps the most exciting spin-off event is the Free Concert held each year on the famed Greenmarket Square in the city centre., some of the festival’s performing artists perform a free concert here and make it possible for those not fortunate enough to purchase tickets in time to join in the celebrations of one of Cape Town’s most beloved events.

If you’re in Cape Town in the week running up to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, be sure to stop in at one of these freestyle jazz jams

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