Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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The time is long gone when rainy days meant Dad reading the newspaper with the kids playing scrabble next to the fireplace, while Mom is busy making a warm pot of soup in the kitchen.

If you find yourself in the Mother City, one thing you can be sure of is that there is no lack of fun and entertaining things to do in spite of the wet weather.

In a city with such a diverse culture and history, it should come as no surprise that Cape Town does not have a shortage of museums that showcases just how rich a history and culture it has. Some of which are an absolute must to visit.

1 . Iziko South African Museum
A must see museum, Iziko South African Museum, founded in 1825, holds a collection of fossils almost 700-million years old, insects and stone tools made more than 120 000 years ago, all of which have scientific importance. Read more…

2. Cape Town Planetarium
If looking at age old stones and bones does not tickle your fancy, then taking a trip through space might just be what you’re looking for. Read more…

3. Iziko Slave Lodge
One for the lovers of history is the Iziko Slave Lodge built in 1679, which have been transformed into a museum that documents the Cape’s role in the Indian Ocean slave trade route, where slaves were brought to the Cape from Indonesia, India-Ceylon, Madagascar and Mozambique. Read More…

4. Jump Around Cape Town
Defying gravity is no longer reserved for the few who gets to travel to the moon. Jump Around is the new kid on the fun and entertainment block of Cape Town, South Africa’s very first trampoline park. Imagine playing basketball, dodge ball or soccer… while defying gravity! Read more…

5. Hout Bay Market
If Gene Kelly taught us anything it is that rainy days do not have to be gloomy but that you can go about your day singing in the rain. He hit the streets on foot, skipping and dancing, umbrella in hand. You too can channel your inner Gene Kelly without getting your boots wet! Read more…

Yes, it is clear that Cape Town has all this and so much more to offer whatever the weather.

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