what’s the big deal at wine style?

Wine Style is a website and magazine devoted to wine, food and travel, and the lifestyles that revolve around all three. As the team at Wine Style loves wine and loves their community of readers, it stands to reason that they love recommending great wine at great prices, especially with their Big Deal. Every month they pull some strings and somehow manage to get a once-off deal with a great winemaker to sell delicious wine at big discounts for a limited time.

This month you have the chance to buy Ernie Els’ 2010 Merlot at 35percent less, saving over R580!

This is the wine for winter and here’s why you should buy it:

  • Merlot is soft and juicy and can be drunk now, or cellared for a year or two
  • Original price is R140 per bottle, but Wine Style is selling it exclusively for a limited time for R91
  • Succulent, with a creamy texture, the tannins are fine but mouth-coating and provide a good frame to the sultry flavours.
  • Chocolate and cedar spice linger on the close.
  • It tastes better than sinking a 100 meter putt in front of your future father-in-law to win the match (and his beautiful daughter)
  • We love Ernie and the best way to show our love is by drinking his wines
  • It’s from a posh award-winning winery; you can really brag to your friends

What’s more:

  • If you buy three cases, Wine Style will send you a bottle of the Ernie Els Proprietor’s Syrah worth R210 free of charge. This wine is on strict allocation from the winery and is impossible to get hold of.
  • If you buy two cases, they’ll send you an Ernie Els golf cap. Either way, you win – big time.

And it that’s not enough:

  • Delivery is free and Wine Style delivers a week after the deal has closed.

For more info and to order the Ernie Els Big Deal, click here.

Visit the Wine Style website where you can sign up for the free newsletter or subscribe to their stunning quarterly print magazine for just R140 per year.

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