What forms of transport are there that are safe?

Cape Town is a city that thrives on tourism and it has had its fair share of bad press when it comes to transport with the recent Dewani murder case in 2010. But transport in Cape Town is generally safe and since the FIFA World Cup of 2010 there have been some significant improvements to the transport infrastructure of the city. But what forms of transport are there that are safe?

Mini Bus Taxis

The mini bus taxis that honk and race their way through the Cape Town Traffic have become almost a standing joke in the City. The majority of these taxis and their drivers are safe and they form a key cog in the public transport wheel for Cape Town. Affordable and generally reliable a journey on a minibus taxi is very much a bucket list item for anyone visiting Cape Town. Common sense should always prevail, if the taxi looks unsafe, if something just doesn’t seem right or look right then don’t use it.

Metred Taxis

Metred Taxis that today include Cape Town’s own Rikkis Taxis are popular with tourists. Again common sense prevails when booking and using a cab, Rikkis taxis are easily identifiable whilst others are less so, if the taxi looks unsafe then caution it and don’t use. Rikkis also has the in and around town shuttle, small half load Suzuki vehicles where rides are shared making them an affordable, fun and reliable form of transport for the tourist.

Uber Cabs

Uber has taken off in Cape Town. Uber cabs in Cape Town are safe, reliable and very affordable and are available in most suburbs. Cape Town has embraced Uber cabs so much so that Uber drivers in the city are now being offered plans to purchase better, safer and more reliable vehicles. Like Uber all over the world, the Cape Town Uber Cab service is a tried and tested transport service.

Golden Arrow Buses

For over a century Golden Arrow has provided the bus service for Cape Town. From the early days of horse drawn carriages Golden Arrow has been “The Bus for Us” in the City and the company has an extensive route network that allows for a person to be transported almost anywhere within a wide area. A recent upgrade and purchase of new buses has given Golden Arrow a new lease of life and like the minibus taxis the Golden Arrow buses are a vital part of Cape Town’s Transport infrastructure.


Trains have been part of transport in Cape Town for well over 100 years. The rail network is not the most reliable in the world and the routes are a little limited. In recent years upgrades to the network have begun with new trains and roiling stock but still the trains are not something favoured by tourists. In a few years’ time things will have improved.

The Red Bus

The Red Bus is not really a public transport system but is a transport solution dedicated to tourists. With three routes Red, Blue and Yellow the City Sightseeing bus is the ideal way to explore the city and surrounds. The hop on hop off system allows tourists to plan their day and visit places of interest at their leisure on comfortable air-conditioned and open top buses.


Perhaps the most exciting transport development in Cape Town has been the introduction of the MyCiti Bus service. This sophisticated integrated rapid transport system is expanding fast in and around Cape Town. With a dedicated airport shuttle service, MyCiti is the most reliable, safe and affordable way to get to and from the airport and the interconnected buses from the central Cape Town terminus can take many visitors to within a hundred metres of so of their hotel. The MyCiti bus is affordable and is a reliable way to explore Cape Town and get to know people and the city.

Overall Cape Town has superb public transport for tourists and with the recent announcement of more direct flights to the city, from Europe, USA and Africa the transport system looks set to improve.


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