Up close and personal: City Soiree gigs bring live music home

With City Soiree, Cape Town music lovers pick and choose to see their favourite bands perform in unique venues, or even in their own homes.

It’s easy to see why City Soirée has taken Cape Town by storm. This innovative venture gives you, the music lover, a chance to call the shots and make your selected music event come to life.

Every performance starts out as a campaign, targeting a certain number of fans to ensure that the event can actually take place by encouraging people to pledge.

Pledging means that you pre-buy a ticket to the event – and once the target amount of pre-purchased tickets is sold, the event goes ahead! If, for some reason, the event does not reach its target number of fans, all pledges are refunded in full. It’s a novel way for music lovers to make their own events happen.

Tickets are conveniently emailed to buyers upon purchase, so all you have to do is bring your e-ticket to the performance venue for verification.

An equally appealing offshoot of the City Soiree collective is Cape Town’s more exclusive Secret Soirée, that lets artists and fan connect on a much more personal level. Here, performances can even take place in private living rooms.

However, the popularity of this personal event means that Secret Soirees are capped at thirty people per event to maintain the intimate aesthetic

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