Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the World

If sea salt runs through your veins, the feeling of the salty air beating against your skin gives you a shiver of excitement and your eyes find solace in the open seas; then there are 5 definite destinations your logbook must show sea miles for… The first and foremost would be the “spice Islands” or better known as The Grenadines. There are 32 Islands and cays to get wind of and only nine of these divine islands are inhabited, with a tropical weather in your sails, this is an adventure that is a prerequisite to anyone fairing the ocean adventures.

Moderated by trade winds and kissed by a seductive tropical climate the obvious second destination would have to without a doubt be The BVI’s (The British Virgin Islands), located to the east of Puerto Rico, there are over fifty small Islands and Cays with Tortola, Virgin Gordo, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke being the larger islands. Again, only fifteen of these islands are inhabited and the approximate population of 28 000 live mostly on Tortola which is 20km long and 5km wide. Anegada is a sight to enthral the salty eyes… the whole island is composed completely out of limestone and Coral, and therefore boasts the most beautiful coral reefs that must be traversed. Then without question the Greek Islands which in themselves are a myriad of clustered treasure maps, with 1200 – 6000 islands; where only 277 are inhabited at the most. Scattered with many a nudist beach, exotically well kept, the coastline is a dreamscape for the skilled skipper.

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is another voyage that cannot go undiscovered. With Paihia being the ‘hub town’, there are 144 islands which have mostly remained undeveloped and untarnished; renowned internationally for big game fishing, every seafarer must reel in this experience. Then unless one gets tied down on one of the islands above, the most interestingly diverse coastlines to sail is that of Southern Africa… for the experienced expeditionist it is worth your sea miles a thousand fold. The port at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in exquisite Cape Town is also the home to The Ocean Sailing Academy, , an official dealer of Benteau, and the top rated academy for the ocean soul. Offering first class tutoring from leisure training; career training to online courses, this academy far exceeds your imagination.


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