Tips for men who put fashion first at the J&B Met

Fashion designer Wayne Govender offers his tips on how fashion-forward men can hook a winning look at the annual J&B Met, the most glamorous horse racing event on Cape Town’s calendar.

Horse racing and couture have always been a great mix and men’s fashion at the J&B Met is way more daring and exciting than compared to other great race days like, for example, polo events or the Queens Plate cup, which are more classic and conservative. So when dressing for the Met, men tend to shrug off boundaries and want to make a splash with what they pick to rock up in.

At the J&B Met, we are lucky to witness some of this country’s top menswear brands, like CSquared, Viyella and Carducci, as well as a host of very talented up and coming newbies.

If you’re heading to the Met and hoping to make a favourable and lasting impact, remember that a winning ensemble consists of your chosen look that captures the theme correctly, with a twist to make it your own personal style. Go for something that draws the right kind of attention to you, something that you can wear from day to night, from event to event afterparty, and still look ultra chic.

Go with what works for you, and that includes planning and investing in your look. A great style statement at the Met could cost absolutely nothing if you are really clever, all the way up to maxing out your credit card if you’re feeling splashy. Whatever you do, do not copycat an outfit from any famous international designers, do not show up in casual attire — save that for the beach — and never wear a bad attitude to the races!

Also, don’t forget the sunblock – lots of it – and a hot date as arm candy of course!

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