Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

Cape Town winters are quite cold and unpredictable, there are stormy days mixed with days of drizzle that make you wish that the african sun would show its face once more. Cape Town accommodates very well for the cold and dreary and there are many wondrous things to go and do to bring back the joy that a summers day brings without question. Below are the top 4 favourite things to do with your woolies and beanies on:

  • Winter wine tasting: There are a few fantastic wine estates that are especially great in winter, Buitenverwachting is one of them. The thatched restaurant has an incredible view of the Constantiaberg Mountains decked by the exquisite vineyards. They offer wine tasting from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Constantia Glen is another which includes outdoor seating for those unpredictable days where there is a little bit of sunshine. Cheese and Wine is an incredible winter pasttime and if you want to skip the trip and hold a cheese and wine at home then Cheese Affair has the most incredible authentic Italian cheeses and wine on offer.
  • Planetarium: The Iziko Planetarium and Museum is a great place to visit if youre missing the stars at night due to the cloudy weather. It’s a wonderful experience in any case with warm and cozy lazy boy like seating whilst the dome of our universe illuminates overhead. Apart from the incredible planetarium there is the museum which contains fossils that are more than 700 million years old, there are stone tools that are dated back to 120 000 years ago, and you have the option to view all the traditional types of clothing worn in the last century. This is great for kids and adults alike.
  • Firemans Arms:Pub crawlng is always a common practice in the winter days. Being one of the oldest and best kept pubs in Cape Town, Firemans Arms offers the most divine décor and interesting artifacts on the walls and ceilings creating the most incredible and homely atmosphere. Warm and cozy with a pizza oven next to the second bar that produces the most divine pizzas known to man, as well as there being all your favourite beers on tap, and if theyre not on tap, I promise you that they will most probably have the beer in stock.
  • For the love of Coffee: Cape Town is home to the worlds best coffee shop, Truth. With its steampunk style and its incredible service and aromas swirling around the artistically designed place, coffee shop hoping is a plan for the winter months.

There is no end to the amazing things that can be done to forget about the cold shivering hours in Cape Town. Being one of the most beautiful cities in the world she would never not oblige her people in her coldest months.

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