The Whole Earth Cafe

Founded from the Whole Earth Centre started by Michele and Harold in 1978, which was a natural living orientated health emporium selling health products as well as clothing that was made from natural produce. Almost 40 years since the inception of the Whole Earth Centre, their daughter, Aura has opened this incredibly beautiful healthy living and eating café in the beautiful Mother City town of Scarborough. She possesses a keen interest in all round fitness and health and exquisite beauty which is extremely evident in every dish and delight offered on the menu at The Whole Earth Café.

The aim is organic, seasonal and locally sourced, wherever possible of course. The chickens and eggs on the menu are all free range, the meat served is pasture fed and any and all containers or packaging is biodegradable without question. The Whole Earth Café’s breakfasts range from eggs hollandaise with a choice of bacon or salmon, to a delicious granola dust which has the most incredible mix of healthy natural cacao, nuts, seeds and oats, served with yoghurt, fruit and honey and your choice of soya or almond milk. Lunch is served between 12 noon and 3 in the afternoon, and has scrumptious healthy burgers on the menu, choices of the most delightful smoothies, light lunch options and uniquely fashioned healthy salads that are out of this world. There is a wonderful little kiddies menu that’s small sweet, healthy but still delicious to the mind of a child. On the subject of hot and cold drinks, The Whole Earth Café has an extensive choice ranging from your chai latte’s to a wide variety of herbal teas, all the hot drinks that require milk can be added with optional almond or soya milk.

The setting is simple and serenely equivalent to a healthy and holistic approach. The air of promoting the healthier type of lifestyle within the greater community as well as supporting local farmers makes The Whole Earth Café a one in a million experience when choosing to dine in the spirit of natural and healthy conscious living. The little town of Scarborough is in itself a delightful little awakened town, with scattered shops presenting the same ideals as The Whole Earth Café does, so not only is the café in precisely the right area, surrounded by many like minded individuals but it also promotes that same idea within the community. Truly a phenomenal experience that will see you coming back for more time and time again.

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