The Very Best Cape Town Activities

Cape Town has an activity for anyone, young or old, outgoing or not, fit or not so fit, indoors or out. The City and the surrounds has something for you, it is the reason why the place is a great place to live and a top destination for tourists.


Cape Town has a number of theatres and Cape Town Opera produces some of the finest operatic shows in the world. Often a play or a show is being performed and it may be a local story such as District Six or a well-known play with a local twist such as Blood Brothers. From locally produced plays, musicals, ballets and operas Cape Town has something for any theatrical taste.


Cape Town is officially the home to the world’s best coffee shop, Truth Coffee. With this in mind it is no surprise that Cape Town has some of the finest coffee shops in the world and this has given rise to the Cape Town Coffee Route where over 40 different coffee shops deliver their own take on the hot beverage.


It comes as no surprise at all that wine features a great deal in many activities in and around Cape Town. A wine tour of one of the many wine growing regions is fun and enjoyable day out and many of the wine farms will provide lunch or even food and wine pairing or chocolate and wine pairing events.


Like all cities Cape Town has shopping malls but shopping in Cape Town is not just about the malls. The backstreets and alleys in places such as the Cape Quarter, Kloof Street and Observatory are filled with hundreds of small boutique stores offering a wide variety of products from clothing to food to décor to jewellery to the absolute bizarre. A quick Google search for what you are looking for will begin a shopping adventure of note.

Surfing and Sailing

Surrounded by the ocean Cape Town is a water sports playground. With everything from kite boarding to wind surfing or hitting the seas in a yacht, Cape Town can offer anything to do with water sport. Learning to SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) has become big business in Cape Town and lessons for young and old are offered on the Canal leading down to the V and A Waterfront. Water sports Equipment is available for hire all over the city.


Cape Town has a large number of art galleries and plays host to many art exhibitions throughout the year. With larger galleries that are popular with a mass audience to smaller bespoke galleries based in a variety of locations such as wine farms, coffee shops and even private houses everything from fine art to furniture is on display or even for sale. For the Art lover Cape Town is heaven, certain hotels have had their rooms curated to become either works of art themselves or display certain types of art. The townships around Cape Town house many galleries of more traditional African Art such as beading and carving.

These are just some of the typical activities in and around Cape Town. Whether you are back packing or travelling in style, not matter if you are single, a middle aged couple or a young family Cape Town has an activity for you.

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