The Pot Luck Club

Woodstock, Cape Town has become the new artistic hub of the Mother City, its food being no stranger to art. The Old Biscuit Mill is home to many of these incredible dining experiences and one of them is The Pot Luck Club. Its edgy, new age, yet relaxed environment provides the perfect Capetonian atmosphere which has ensured it fills to capacity throughout low and high seasons, and the restaurant manages its 120 guests with ease and smiles, making sure that patrons always return for more. The cuisine itself goes hand in hand with the name Luke Dale Roberts, whose right hand man, Wesley Randles is the Head Chef at the Pot Luck Club. Wesleys manner is that of “We simply want people to come and enjoy fun interesting food in a cool space”.

The atmosphere is key, but without the incredible cuisine, it would not be as incredible as it is, basically the entire experience of the essence of The Pot Luck Club which is situated on the top floor of the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill, is the perfect synergy between immaculate comfort in setting and décor, remarkable cuisine with a different uniqueness that lasts beyond the dining journey, as well as the seamless unison of the friendly and fabulous staff who serve every patron with a smile and the natural Capetonian vibe. Definitely one of the top restaurants within the new era which is arising in the Cape.

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