the daily grind

Think you could do your barista’s job better than he/she can? Here’s what Origin’s Joel Singer believes you need:

A serious love for coffee
“If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you are never going to pour a good cup of coffee.” It’s that simple.

People skills
A barista is the first smiling face people see when they enter a café. They are the first point of contact. Some baristas know exactly
what a customer is going to order when they walk through the door, including how they like it. This is known as the “Cheers Effect”.

Attention to detail
When making 300 cups of coffee, you need to pay attention to every cup. This takes a certain level of attention to detail. It’s a bit like ‘OCD’, but in a good way.

Self-motivation & drive
A barista course equips you with the knowledge and skills, but making an amazing cup of coffee, consistently, takes practice – a whole lot of practice. Think Malcom Gladwell’s ‘10 000 hour rule’.

Understanding the coffee and the machine
Before the coffee even gets to the machine the barista needs to consider things like grinding, tamping and dosage, after which comes understanding the machine and learning to manipulate it to bring out the best in the coffee. The more the barista knows the better his/her cup will be.

If you’re still convinced you have what it takes, try your hand at some latte art with this tutorial by Verve Coffee Roasters of Santa Cruz, California.

VCR Street Smarts #14: Latte Art from Verve Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

Find out more about [Origin] and their passion for great coffee here.

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