The colourful culture of Greenmarket Square

Photo by @allietea

Framed by divine coffee shops and the interesting hustling bustling that is the Cape Town City Centre, lies Greenmarket Square. There is something for everyone on the daytime African themed market with the multi coloured stalls offering the most intricate and exciting curious curios around.

On Saturday mornings the market is littered with mime artists, jugglers and the sorts. There is never a dull moment in the Greenmarket square, and is often the most popular outdoor event for concerts and other performances. If cobble stones could speak they would tell of the long history of Greenmarket square and that it was not only a fruit market once but started its heritage as a slave market.

Photograph by @josias_soleil, Instagram.
Photo by @josias_soleil

During Apartheid, Greenmarket square was a famous meeting place for public and political protests and outcries from the people joining voices due to the proximity to Parliament.

Today its always a busy rush of colours and cultures, the market sells mainly African themed attire and ornaments but have second hand and new book stalls, jewellery, apparel of all sorts and art. It is also the home to the stall of the only supplier in Cape Town of the famous bamboo shawl wrap, which is most probably the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own. So head down to the Greenmarket square and come find a little something special to take home with you.

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