Rewind back to a time before the Game of Thrones and Forged by Fire on Discovery, and for the majority of us, knives were something you ate with and referred to when speaking about the Knights of the Round Table. But now – now it has all changed, and knives have become the “in” thing – not in a bad way, but in a really cool way, like how you would appreciate good art and good wine!

So how do you learn more about these pieces, and even better yet, how do you learn how to make your own? Enter the Cape Knifemakers Guild; these are the craftsmen who have taken knives and knifemaking to another level. Started in 2008 with only 9 members, the Guild was formed to cultivate one of the oldest crafts in the world – knife making. Now 8 years later and with just under 30 members the guild seeks to imbue the timeless ideals of knifemaking in to our technological age. “The ideals for the Guild are those of perfection through work, skill through learning, and fellowship through generosity, where we are able to create a knife of the highest order of craftsmanship from a piece of blank steel,” explains Rick Afonso Chairman of the Cape Knifemakers Guild.

Every year the Guild holds their Annual Knifemaking Show in October at the Jansen Hall in Milnerton, this year it will be on the 21st and 22nd of October. At this show, guild members are able to showcase their designs as well as sell works to the public; and more importantly it is an opportunity for the Guild to speak with the public about the art of knifemaking and hopefully encourage new members to join their fold!

For more information on the Guild and the knives their members make please visit and find them on Facebook @CapeKnifemakersGuild

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