the blend revisited: gourmet food; great coffee

If Roeland Street is not on your list of city street to visit regularly, The Blend will make you change your mind. Their philosophy is simple: good gourmet sandwiches, good wholesome breakfast and good coffee for people on the go. Sound good? The reality is even better.

Firstly, the coffee. The Blend opened offering three of the city’s best local, artisan coffees from which to choose your morning caffeine fix. Their goal was to eventually offer a choice of six. Now, eight months later, you can find Deluxe, Bean There, Kupa, Origin and The Blend, a delicious blend made specially for them and available nowhere else. The sixth roastery will be announced really soon, perhaps even next week. My suggestion: follow them on Facebook and Twitter now, so you don’t miss the forthcoming announcement!

What makes their coffee taste even better is that it is ridiculously affordable, as is their food. Gourmet sandwiches with the most divine fillings – think roast beef; feta, avo, rocket & crushed nuts; roasted brown mushrooms on rye and more – are all between R35 and R45. With R10 takeaway coffee you could be good to go for less than R50. In 2013.

Breakfasts are a trip. A trip down memory lane. You’ll find childhood favourites like toast with jam, peanut butter, fish paste, Marmite or Nutella, as well as cereals like Cocoa Pop, Weetbix, Cornflakes and Oats. Remember anchovy toast? The Blend’s is done with real anchovies. There is Eggs in a Hole, Red Pepper Pesto and poached eggs on rye (yum!) or, if you’ve partied a little too hard on Friday evening, pop in on Saturday for the five filling omelette, a glass of orange juice and coffee for just R45. There’s also a fry-up that offers everything.

There are plenty of reasons to make Roeland Street a destination during the day. You’ll find them all at The Blend.

071 927 3031
79 Roeland St, Cape Town


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