tedxcapetown2013 viewing party at fast & remarkable

Tickets for this year’s event have sold out, but luckily there’s something called a TEDxCapeTown Viewing Party. Fast & Remarkable are hosting one such party at their shop in Salt Circle Arcade in Woodstock. There will be the webcast of the year, of course, along with a discussion on F & R’s food and sustainability theme for World Design Capital 2014. Also, Origin coffee and craft beer tasting with Beeguevara. The Salt Circle Food Truck will be offering a special on their fresh juice and wraps.

The details:
TEDxCapeTown 2013 Viewing Party
Fast & Remarkable
021 835 4199
Unit 6, Salt Circle Arcade, 374 Albert Road, Woodstock
Saturday, 20th July 2013

See invite here or visit the & R Facebook page

If the great coffee, craft beer tasting and fresh and delicious wraps are not reason enough, here are another 20, from the TEDxCapeTown website why you don’t want to miss TEDxCapeTown 2013. Speakers include:

Leonie Joubert
Leonie writes passionately about urban food insecurity, why it is an invisible problem and ideas on how to tackle it.

Johnny Anderton
Johnny works to develop and disseminate simple, cost-effective ideas to improve the lives of those living in informal settlements.

John McInroy
John follows his dreams and brings an infectious energy packaged in a single word… ShoOops! Where ever you go, go with your heart.

Jasper Horrell
Jasper focuses on the science and engineering of the SKA telescope and has a vision for Africa as a leader in knowledge-based activity.

Shabashni Moodley
Shabashni wants to mobilise schools and community colleges through group dialogue, peer teaching and democratic learning.

Nic Haralambous
Nic believes in embracing incompetence and how it allows for situations of learning and discovery, and often the emergence of the greatest innovation and success.

Shannon Hope
Shannon shares her beliefs in having the courage to start over again as she did in following her dream to become a full-time musician at the age of 29.

Riaan Conradie
Riaan offers some of the practical changes needed to facilitate real and tangible advances in the digital health arena.

Davey du Plessis
Davey uses adventure as a source of experience to understand the nature of humanity and the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

Tony Elvin
As a ‘social enterprise’ practitioner and evangelist, Tony draws inspiration from his diverse background to address the many challenges faced by post apartheid South Africa.

Jillian Reilly
Jillian addresses the fundamental problem with international aid and how to work within this broken system for social change.

Gavin Bonner
Gavin spouts spontaneous poetry and shares improv storytelling in rhyme and flow inspired by themes and objects in everyday life.

Angela Horn
Angela expands on the upsides of downsizing and how living with less can positively affect your life.

Whispers of Wisdom
Whispers of Wisdom consist of three guys and two girls who combine poetry, song and spoken word to talk about things that matter.

Ivo Vegter
Ivo talks about how environmental exaggeration harms emerging economies. Using amusing examples, he explains why excessive risk avoidance is as dangerous as risk itself.

Craig Hinds
Craig crafts some of the most beautiful acoustic songs to come out of South Africa, songs that seep into your soul, get under your skin and stay with you.

Karen Dudley
Karen uses food and sharing thereof as a metaphor for embracing our diversity and creating spaces for people to find comfort and nourishment.

Adrian Saville
Adrian demonstrates how mobility on all levels can create win-win outcomes that produce economic inclusion and social upliftment.

Angel Campey
Angel feels at home on stage with her discuss-it-for-what-it-is comedy approach and shares fresh perspectives on topics we should be talking about.

Rapelang Rabana
Rapelang believes in using mobile technology to re-imagine learning by creating interactive, personalized and adaptive learning platforms that produce data and transparently show levels of knowledge retention.

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