taste the mediterranean in the riebeek valley

The fourth annual MedFest promises both serious gourmands and casual foodies the opportunity to entertain their culinary senses on a rainbow of intimate traditional and widely popular offerings that have come to be the benchmark of centuries-old Mediterranean cuisine and complementary customs. The emphasis is again on slow, on meandering and on milling in true Mediterranean style, subtly provoking the ever enquiring palate to gently absorb and to passionately translate and spoil.

The MedFest is essentially a celebration of the unique similarities and compatibilities between the terroir, climate and familial lifestyle responsible for the unique agricultural produce transformed into culinary life of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean on the one hand, and the Riebeek Valley and its Swartland region on the other. The resemblances in the agricultural chain are inspiring, ranging from chains of vineyards, across olive groves and wheatfields, over fruit orchards, vegetable fields and around selections of small meat farms.

A total of nine Mediterranean countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Morocco – are being “married” to the same number of local restaurants and hotel to host a true family affair of tastes and flavours. From both samples to meals, ranging from inter alia, Portuguese Trinchados, Spanish Tapas and French Terrines to Italian Pastas, Greek and Turkish Mezzes, Lebanese Kibbeh and Moroccan Tagines, as well as delectable traditional deserts.

Visitors may select their culinary destinations and “taste tours” to suit their palates accompanied by the very best local wines and vibrant Mediterranean music.

Another highlight is the Portuguese Festival hosted by the Royal Hotel.

The festival takes place from 9h30 to 23h00 on Saturday 31st March and 9h30 to 16h30 on Sunday 1st April. For formal luncheons and dinners, visitors are advised to make bookings in advance by contacting restaurants directly. Casual food lovers preferring to sample diversified tastes and flavours will be accommodated as casual “walk-ins”.

Visitors are encouraged to spend a weekend by booking directly at any of our hotels, guest houses, and b&b’s and further discover the true essence of meandering the Mediterranean lifestyle right here on their doorsteps.

For general information, including accommodation, contact the Riebeek Valley Tourism office at 022 448 1545 or via email at tourism@riebeekvalley.info or go to the website

For Medfest info, visit the Medfest website, which includes all restaurant and cellar details.

Culinary life is initiated in the soil, is born through the harvest, is cared for in the kitchen and is celebrated around the table”.

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