View of Table Mountain from the air

If you have visited Cape Town or are planning a visit to the great and beautiful mother city, then you have definitely heard of the 7th natural wonder of the world – Table Mountain. If you’re a local Capetonian then you definitely know the huge King ruler of Cape Town, and have probably had the phenomenal opportunity to either take the exquisite hikes up Table Mountains slopes or used the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Car, if not then you better make an effort to visit the spectacular iconic majesty of the mother city. One thing that is unfortunately very rarely thought about is seeing the peak of this gigantic divinity from the air, and there is no better way than to view the summit of Table Mountain in all its majestic glory than to do it via the almost silent EC130 helicopter.

To be a bird must be the greatest thing as far as witnessing the marvel that is this planet each and every day, luckily humans figured out how to fly, and so with the highly professional skills of expert pilots and state of the art helicopters in their fleets, Cape Town Helicopters bring you the great opportunity to view the indescribable awe-inspiring grandeur that is Table Mountain from the air. The general idea is that one views the mountain and its shrubbery and it looks as though it would when you are standing on the peak, so why not simply take the Cable Car? Incorrect, the feeling that you get, the rush of endorphin’s and the change of perceptions that occur when flying next to the highest peak is simply incredible. The words fall short of the absolutely intense majesty that befalls one when you come face to face with this enormous beauty.

When standing on the peak, the panoramic views are achieved by walking from one side of the peak to the other, however once in the helicopter, it’s a mind blowing blast of exceptional splendor all at once, combined with the breathtaking realization of the actual enormity that Table Mountain is. One does not achieve this freedom in feeling from simply hiking up the slopes, or taking the Cable Car, different feelings of awesome are achieved, but when taking a helicopter trip and being face to face with the majesty of Cape Town, words are replaced by overwhelming feelings of awe. If there is one way of encompassing all the greatness that is Cape Town in one experience, then booking your flight up over  Table Mountain at Cape Town Helicopters is the way to finally feel that experience. Highly experienced pilots with a witty friendliness are at your beck and call, and their state of the art fleet makes this voyage everything that it spells out to be and so much more.

Spectacular views from Signal Hill

Known as one of the most exquisite cities on planet earth, Cape Town offers a wide variety of magical spots that sport incredible vistas, breathtaking panoramas and memorably phenomenal views. There are however those special places that stand out and known to the locals as the timeless magical secrets of Cape Town, Signal Hill is one of these sensationally marvellous places that must be experienced to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty that is the Mother City. Continue reading “Spectacular views from Signal Hill”