Come play at Cape Town’s quirkiest music festival!

There is no festival in Cape Town like the Flamjangled Tea Party. Expect a weekend of dress-up, games, silliness, dancing, playing and incredible live acts, all on a beautiful farm settting an easy drive from the city centre. Festival organiser Regan Tacon of GoodTimes Events, explains what makes this festival an unmissable melting pot of fun, music and eccentricity.

The Flamjangled Tea Party is a weekend-long outdoor festival that aims to create an event firmly rooted in the eclectic, artistic and humorous side of life.

The Flamjangled Tea Party is all about mixing things up, being eclectic, frivolous, light hearted, chilled, silly, cheeky, naughty, arty and fun….The vibe at this festival is one you won’t find elsewhere: it’s unlike anything else in Cape Town. It is super relaxed and we take being silly very seriously!

There are many really satisfying elements of organising — and experiencing — The Flamjangled Tea Party. It’s like smiles on dials. People leave the event invigorated, not burnt out. They exit happy and full of life, and this is what we are after.

This ain’t no ‘thrash’! This is a bunch of people who love life, having the time of their lives with friends old and new, in a beautiful setting. We want people to leave feeling as if they have just stepped out of one of their favourite childhood dreams where everything is smiley and happy.

High tea takes on a whole new meaning at Rhodes Memorial

Perched high on the slopes of Table Mountain, the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant & Tea Garden boasts some of the best views in Cape Town. The cakes are pretty good too.

Colonialist Cecil John Rhodes has something of a chequered legacy in Africa, but his imposing granite memorial on the slopes of Table Mountain remains one of the most popular stops in Cape Town, the oversized steps offering superb views across the city.

Perhaps distracted by those views, few tourists wander up the stone pathway behind the memorial to discover the charming tearoom and restaurant tucked away in the shade of the oak trees.

You won’t find nouvelle cuisine or adventurous dining on the menu here, but the selection of light meals and freshly-baked cakes makes it well worth a stop. You can enjoy wraps, cheese platters and baguettes alongside a handful of meaty main courses. Nothing fancy, but perfectly acceptable fare.

It’s a decidedly family-friendly spot too, with a small children’s menu and a dedicated play area within sight (but almost out of earshot) of the dining area.

Some tables offer wonderful views of the city and distant Durbanville winelands, making it a laid back option for lunch with a view, away from the crowds.