Cape Town’s Om Revolution takes yoga outdoors

The Om Revolution aims to bring about a revolution towards peace and well-being through free yoga for all in the beautiful outdoor spaces of Cape Town.

Cape Town has many outdoor attractions, so it’s about time yoga was offered in the fresh air and sunshine: the Om Revolution’s low-cost (and regularly free) public classes at various locations allow anyone to give yoga a try. One option is to join them every Saturday at 09h00 at the Company’s Garden in the heart of Cape Town

(on Lawn R at entrance 9, near the Wale Street entrance to the Garden—keep an eye out for The Om Revolution signs). At the height of summer, Clifton beach on Sundays from around 18h00 is another option.

Austrian-born marketing consultant and seasoned yogi Victoria Csarmann initially came up with the idea of a mobile yoga studio as part of a business plan for her personal trainer. But when the trainer decided on a career change at the last minute, Victoria decided to take it on as her own project. “I realised that there was this huge gap in the market, not only in terms of fulfilling clients’ needs, but also for yoga instructors in Cape Town who are struggling to get work,” says Victoria.

Essentially, the venture takes the studio out of practising yoga and thereby eliminates some of the drawbacks associated with many yoga studios, like overbooked classes or instructors not giving adequate personal attention.

But they don’t just host classes in parks and on beaches. “With the Om Revolution, you decide when and where you want to have your lesson and you also have the option of deciding who you want to join you for the session,” says Csarmann.