Where to surf in Cape Town: Kommetjie

Kommetjie is located on the Atlantic coast and is the hub of surfing in Cape Town. The area offers a wide variety of beach break and reef waves, with Long Beach at its centre.

Long Beach is a very consistent right and left beach break that works on all tides and suits all levels of surfers. However, it is also extremely crowded and can be chaotic on weekends. Try to time your session around the crowds or early in the mornings on weekdays if possible. Further along the beach is a shore break called Crons, which occasionally produces good barrels but is most of the time a dumping close-out (when the entire wave breaks at once). You’re more likely to eat sand than actually make the wave, but it can still be loads of fun for intermediate to advanced surfers.

If the swell is big around Kommetjie you will start to see Sunset Reef breaking, a kilometre out to sea. This is a big wave spot for experienced surfers only.

Heading south around the corner from Long Beach towards Cape Point are a series of reefs that produce excellent waves when the right conditions come together. The best bet is light northerly winds or glassy, no-wind conditions and a large swell. Outer Kom is well known for its heaving lefts, while Crayfish Factory breaks right and is easy to identify – it sits at the foot of an old crayfish factory. Both these spots only start breaking when the swell is over six foot – they are demanding waves that can produce monstrous walls. A step-up surfboard or big wave surfboard are essential when the surf gets serious here.

The sweeping beach south of Crayfish Factory is called Witsands and offers a series of beach break peaks suitable for all surfers. It has the advantage of being offshore in northeast to northwest winds, which is unusual for beachbreaks on the Atlantic coast – they typically prefer southeast winds. Witsands marks the end of Kommetjie and gives way to Misty Cliffs, which can have good waves when the swell is small and the wind is light. The last spot before the Cape Point Nature Reserve begins is Scarborough, which has a good beachbreak and a left point that only works at high tide with the right swell.

There are a number of waves in the Cape Point Nature Reserve to explore, and it’s a fantastic place to spend the day.

Long Beach

Long beach is precisely what the name suggests… a very, very long beach. However, Long beach is not only a pristinely white sanded beach of heartfelt serenity but also one of the most epic sites to dive along the coast of the Cape Peninsula. The entire area is beautifully scattered with an intense amount of interesting and beautiful fish that are not common to the area at all, as well as an amazing marine life of colourful vibrancy, there are also several small wrecks that along with the winter visibility which is the best is an awesome adventure to experience.

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