La Bottega, a special gem full of Specials

Woodstock, the “Hipster Heaven” nestled between Table Bay and the base of Devil’s Peak,is Cape Town’s oldest suburb and has fast become one of the greatest creative hubs in the Mother City. With scatterings of miniature malls, markets, delectable coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques, this area offers a variety of cultural sites from a highly diverse community. The contemporary décor of these locations is as varied as the people who frequent them. One of these incredible destinations is a distinguished restaurant, nicknamed ‘the little gem of Buchanan Square’. La Bottega literally means: “little neighbourhood shop of the little bite” – however, there is nothing little about this largely amazing location, constantly filled with new and exciting specials to keep the regular customers coming back– and the new customers coming back as regulars.

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La Bottega Restaurant

Woodstock, Cape Town has become a revamped artistic hub of absolute awesomeness, nestling the most incredible gems of the Western Cape, La Bottega is a gem to top the list. La Bottega mixes all the epic greatness of everything Italian with a spin of the beauty and the vibe of South Africa, coupled with an incredibly simplistic yet beautiful décor and friendly staff, not to mention the heavily packed food and beverage menu which tantalises the tongue and fancy of everyone who tries it.

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