Kyoto comes to Cape Town at this authentic Japanese restaurant

Kyoto Garden Sushi is far and away the finest Japanese restaurant in the city.

You’ll never struggle to find a sushi restaurant in Cape Town. There are dozens of them spread across Cape Town, each seemingly competing to offer the most sushi for the lowest price. But when it comes to sushi, quality and quantity don’t stack up. Less is definitely more in this delicate culinary art, an art that Kyoto Garden Sushi gets right every single time.

The Japanese restaurant’s American owner Scott Wood landed up in Cape Town a decade ago and never left. Today he spends his time sourcing the very best seafood from across the globe for his Japanese chefs to conjure into a magical meal. The menu is lengthy and sometimes confusing, but take your time and let your taste buds set off on a Japanese food adventure.

Start with a soup: ‘The Sea’ is superb, all clean briny broth brimming with prawns, scallops and octopus. The ‘Salads’ are also wonderful, as are the feather-light tempura dishes. Try a starter of delicate rice paper rolls filled with prawns and scallops, or dip into Nikkei cuisine with the fantastic ceviche of fresh linefish.

Then it’s on to the main courses, where you’ll find wonderful fresh seafood as well as sautéed noodles and carefully seared duck. If you’re sticking with seafood the dish ‘Alaskan Night’ is a triumph of seared Alaskan salmon, giant scallop and Alaskan king crab.

The sushi, if you have space, comes right at the end; the coup de grace of a memorable Asian meal. Sashimi and nigiri rule the menu here, traditional sushi combining perfect rice with fresh fish. If you’re feeling adventurous try the miso-glazed eel or fatty tuna belly.

A meal at Kyoto Garden Sushi certainly isn’t the cheapest way to eat sushi in Cape Town, but it’s far and away the finest restaurant to enjoy a true taste of Japanese cuisine in the city.