Cape Town gets the Blues in the best way at this festival

A historic quarry and a refreshing dam provide the backdrop for arguably the most authentic and enjoyable gathering of blues musicians in South Africa. The Table Mouintain Blues Summit is held annually on Hillcrest, a farm on the outskirts of Durbanville in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

Though the venue and length of the festival changes from time to time, the Table Mountain Blues Summit has become an unmissable event in Cape Town’s midsummer for anyone even mildly fond of blues and rock music. Even for those who don’t specifically feel the need to seek out our growling, blues-churning brethren, the relief offered by a dip-friendly dam in the often scorching heat of a Cape Town summer should be more than enticing!

In an earlier interview on LitNet (* hyperlink:, Richard Pryor – one of the organisers and a blues guru himself – indicated that though he’d like an international act or two to join the line-up at some stage, the focus is very much on the quality of blues acts in South Africa. “We build the summit around the so-called family of bands that have been a mainstay of the fest,” he said.

Though the setting might be considered by some to be too idyllic for a true blues experience (considering the misery it’s often rooted in and upliftment it pleads for), South Africa holds plenty of challenges for each and every citizen…and while the hard work is being done elsewhere to tackle these issues, a day or two of commiserating with excellent musicians and excellent people makes for a not only unique, but exhilarating, experience.