Helicopter Ride Cape Town

There are a myriad ways of seeing the incredible panorama that the mother city has to offer, however a helicopter ride in Cape Town is one of the most exhilarating of all. Many people do not appreciate a helicopter ride due to the roaring buzz that most helicopters produce, however it has been found that Cape Town Helicopters boasts the most quiet helicopters in its field.

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Helicopter Rides in Cape Town

There is no experience on land or sea that can possibly rival with the experience of having a birds eye view from high up in the bluest of skies, above one of the most beautiful cities on this big blue planet. A helicopter ride is a completely different experience to flying in a fixed wing, one does not feel as though you are moving forward and depending on the craft, it has a surreal feeling of standing still above the earth, it has been described by many as being almost godlike. Cape Town is filled with myriad places of immense beauty and when choosing to take a helicopter ride to get a better more compact view of the incredibly magnificent expanse that is the mother city, your perceptions widen and you understand why it was voted one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

There are many companies which will take you up, up and around to sight see from the sky, but there are only a few that are regarded as the cream of the crop with incredibly professional staff on hand, and pilots that are some of the best in the country if not the entire world. Below is a brief list of two of the top Helicopter Charters providing the most thrilling helicopter rides in Cape Town:

Cape Town Helicopters

Without a doubt, this Helicopter Charter company which has a sub company concentrating solely on flights around Table Mountain, is one of the top in its class. The packages range from extensive tours in, around and along the Atlantic Coast. Flights to Cape Point, scenic flights that have you witness the incredible beauty of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. There are extensive packages that have you travelling through the various phenomenal wine lands that the Cape has to offer as well as Safari Game Reserve visits. Above and beyond the scenic and wine land flights Cape Town Helicopters offers packages with a difference which include chauffeur driven Harley Davidson drives, experiences of the Cavalli Gold wine estate, as well as Shark cage dives, and zip lining through incredibly beautiful terrains. Make sure to check out their website www.helicopterscapetown.co.za

Huey Helicopter Company

An experience with a difference, if you have watched Apocalypse Now, M.A.S.H, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon then you have laid eyes on the Huey you will fly. Manufactured in 1966, and assigned to the Assault Brigade from 1966 – 1968, which was followed by the Huey doing several tours across Germany and Alaska, this is truly a legend to be flown. It has a whole list of achievements before it was purchased and prepared for civilian use, which can be viewed on their website www.flythehuey.co.za It really is an incredible experience to be had so make sure to make a booking today. Its an exclusive thing to have said you have flown in a ex Vietnamese authentic Huey!

Helicopter Tours Cape Town

The Mother City has so much to offer, known as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, it is not surprising that She encompasses so many marvelous sites and wonders for the soul. To see everything is truly the expedition of a brave man, to know which sites are the best and which are not is perhaps even more tricky, however with a helicopter all things are possible, with Cape Town helicopters fleet of top notch state of the art helicopters as well as their new addition, the EC120 the once daunting task of experiencing the wonder that is Cape Town becomes something exciting and definitely possible.

This 18 staff strong company, with 5 of the most professional and friendly pilots around has the most comprehensive detailed tours of Cape Town’s most divine must see sights on a silver platter for you to choose from.  They cover everything from what they call the scenic flights, which take off from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront where their quaint yet pristine base is situated, and take you on your choice of either The Two Oceans, The Atlantico, Robben Island or the intensely inspiring Full Peninsula flight. Each one of these scenic flights is an entire novel encompassing awe-inspiring marveling moments that cannot be achieved any other way. Details on the exact locations covered during the flights can be found on their website at www.helicopterscapetown.co.za.

Cape Town helicopters then offer the Wineland tours to all those that want to come to experience the incredible perfection and divine taste that has made the wines of the Western Cape famous the world over. The Wine land Charters cover Constantia, Durbanville, Stellenbosch as well as Franschoek and you are given the opportunity, not only to view the magnificent beauty of these respective wine lands but also to have lunch on your own account and choosing and then be chartered back to their base at The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Cape Town Helicopters take you to two amazing Game Reserves as well, namely Aquilla and San Bona. Then Cape Town Helicopters bring you the incredible specialized tours which range from full day Safari experiences in the famous Heli Zip, to exceptionally thrilling Shark cage diving or the Heli Harley tour, as well as the Cavalli Gold experience.

Cape Town Helicopters are always on the ball, their Facebook page is constantly updated with new and exciting tours, photographs and news on current ones as well as general interaction with the public. Overall if it is the marvelous majestic Cape Town that you want to see the using Cape Town Helicopters is definitely the company that you want to use.