Jason Bakery

Its fresh and it has personality. When you think of a bakery, you think of worn out chefs with anger issues that hide away for fear of attacking the customers who are always right with a french loaf, or you think of the South African, Ouma’s pantry that started a small bakery and thought it would be a better place to be than in front of the television, or even a place that smells good, has good produce but it’s a buy and leave relationship, well Jason Bakery has none of that except that it smells like a mixture of heaven and all things heavenly and everything they have on offer is exceptionally awesome.

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Coffee Guide

There are the few exceptional coinnoisseurs out there that do not need a coffee guide per se, but then there are the majority who absolutely either need coffee like cars need petrol and those who simply love the different perfect flavours that come with each and every strain of coffee bean, and each and every unique way in which coffee is prepared, they are the people for whom this coffee guide exists.

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