Cape Town Helicopters brings you the Two Oceans Experience.

The tour of the Two Oceans is all about the jaw dropping scenery, it is non stop panoramic bewilderment from the seat of one of the helicopters from the most high class helicopter fleet in all of Cape Town, whilst in the hands of the Western Capes most professional pilots that belong to Cape Town Helicopters. Not only will you have the experience of viewing marvelously amazing sights from the skies above the Mother City including the horizons that the open seas provide, but you will also receive a free City Sightseeing Bus for every two who book this flight. The extent of the tours available from the iconic red double decker tour buses that have become resident in almost 100 locations world wide, is emmense, so a tour with City Sightseeing after a magnificent aerial wonder from Cape Town Helicopters is a thrilling experience in itself. Continue reading “Cape Town Helicopters brings you the Two Oceans Experience.”

Cape Town Helicopters goes Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town Helicopters brings you the golden award best destinations for responsible tourism, Gansbaai, and with it, one of the most thrilling experiences that you will ever have, cage diving with one of the worlds most feared and misunderstood creatures, the Great White Shark. Flying from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to Gansbaai, provides a momentously beautiful scenery of mile long snow white sandy beaches and the magnificent cliffs of De Kelders, then there is Dyer Island which is the Capital of the world to the Great White Shark. Cape Town Helicopters flies you to this incredible mind blowing area over the ancient milk wood forests where you may choose your company from the recommended top of their class shark cage diving experts and journey into shark alley where the experience is everything you could possibly imagine and more. Continue reading “Cape Town Helicopters goes Shark Cage Diving”

Fly over Robben Island

Robben Island is one of South Africa’s extremely rich iconic sites, and it belongs solely to Cape Town. It is very true when people say viewing the world from the air and from the ground are two comprehensively different experiences. Even though Robben Island is known and made famous for the fact that the Father of the Rainbow Nation, late president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner there, it has so much more history, and all this history can be viewed from the air, coupled with a hugely exhilarating experience.

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Cape Town Helicopter present the Winelands Charters.

The mother city does nothing in small doses, in fact everything that she offers is done in absolute style and perfection, it is the place of awe-inspiring journeys and experiences. Cape Town is also famous all over the world for the amazing wine that she produces, the phenomenal wine lands that she holds dear to her bosom, and the intensely breathtaking beauty in which these wine lands are set. Cape Town Helicopters offer the most supremely spectacular way of seeing and experiencing the four most formidable wine lands that the Cape has to offer.

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Cape Town Helicopters

There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing the Mother City from the sky, an aerial view is so breathtaking that it truly does take every single persons voice away for a second or two. Most people do not enjoy taking a helicopter because of the incredible noise a helicopter can make, but this is a thing of the past with Cape Town Helicopters, #noisemustfall, their H120 and H130 is so incredibly quiet you will be amazed not only at the beauty of the spectacular view but also at the absolute quiet purr that their state of the art helicopters make.

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Helicopter Tours Cape Town

The Mother City has so much to offer, known as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, it is not surprising that She encompasses so many marvelous sites and wonders for the soul. To see everything is truly the expedition of a brave man, to know which sites are the best and which are not is perhaps even more tricky, however with a helicopter all things are possible, with Cape Town helicopters fleet of top notch state of the art helicopters as well as their new addition, the EC120 the once daunting task of experiencing the wonder that is Cape Town becomes something exciting and definitely possible.

This 18 staff strong company, with 5 of the most professional and friendly pilots around has the most comprehensive detailed tours of Cape Town’s most divine must see sights on a silver platter for you to choose from.  They cover everything from what they call the scenic flights, which take off from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront where their quaint yet pristine base is situated, and take you on your choice of either The Two Oceans, The Atlantico, Robben Island or the intensely inspiring Full Peninsula flight. Each one of these scenic flights is an entire novel encompassing awe-inspiring marveling moments that cannot be achieved any other way. Details on the exact locations covered during the flights can be found on their website at

Cape Town helicopters then offer the Wineland tours to all those that want to come to experience the incredible perfection and divine taste that has made the wines of the Western Cape famous the world over. The Wine land Charters cover Constantia, Durbanville, Stellenbosch as well as Franschoek and you are given the opportunity, not only to view the magnificent beauty of these respective wine lands but also to have lunch on your own account and choosing and then be chartered back to their base at The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Cape Town Helicopters take you to two amazing Game Reserves as well, namely Aquilla and San Bona. Then Cape Town Helicopters bring you the incredible specialized tours which range from full day Safari experiences in the famous Heli Zip, to exceptionally thrilling Shark cage diving or the Heli Harley tour, as well as the Cavalli Gold experience.

Cape Town Helicopters are always on the ball, their Facebook page is constantly updated with new and exciting tours, photographs and news on current ones as well as general interaction with the public. Overall if it is the marvelous majestic Cape Town that you want to see the using Cape Town Helicopters is definitely the company that you want to use.

By far the best way to see Cape Town

The wind was blowing quite intensely; the tablecloth that everyone had told me about could be seen on Table Mountain. I arrived at Cape Town Helicopters, eager to fly, having no idea what to expect, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I was Greeted at the door by the friendliest people, weighed and ushered to a cozy viewing area outside that shields one from the wind, with a cooldrink I waited… not even five minutes. A welcoming voice called us in to view a short to the point video on safety regulations. Then we met our pilot, Megan, good-natured, well mannered with a firm handshake. I knew we were in good hands.
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Helicopter Charters in Cape Town

It is truly an experience of astronomical proportions to witness the aerial views that one of the most beautiful cities on this magnificent planet have to offer, Cape Town is a large marvel of exquisite eye candy everywhere you look, and from the air it is an even more incredibly breath taking experience. There really is no journey more thrilling than touring the skies above the Mother City in the highly professional and capable hands of the pilots from Cape Town Helicopters, in their brand new addition to their fleet, the first grade super silent and comfortable EC120. There is only one way to understand how amazing this experience truly is and that is to choose one of their incredible packages in and around Cape Town and go tour the skies!

The Cape Town Helicopters base is conveniently located at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and therefore all flights listed below take off from there and return to land there.

Scenic Flights:

Two Oceans

This exquisitely beautiful flight takes you along the scenic route of the Atlantic Coast, passing Fish Hoek over False Bay and over to the splendid Muizemberg.


This incredibly awe-inspiring flight takes you high over the Cape Town Stadium, the 4 beautiful beaches of Clifton as well as the famously exquisite Camps Bay and then you get to fly over the majestic Twelve Apostles, swinging around to the divine Karbonkelberg.

Robben Island

Viewing Robben Island, which is a World UNESCO site, as well as famous for being not only the home of the prison that held former President Nelson Mandela, but also the current President Jacob Zuma during the Apartheid regime. It has incredible sites from WWII that can really only be appreciated in their enormity from the sky. This helicopter flight is one in a million and is definitely a favourite amongst many.

Full Peninsula

Traveling high through the skies above the Mother City all the way to the divinely beautiful marvel that is the Cape of Good Hope that was once thought to be the southern most tip of Africa, but is now the false tip of Africa, the southern most tip actually being Cape Agulhus. You will then fly along the False Bay coastline back to Cape Town, this flight is truly magical and filled with jaw dropping magnificence everywhere you look.

Wine land Charters:


Flying high above the Twelve Apostles along the Atlantic coastline catching a glimpse of the incredibly magnificent False Bay and reaching Groot Constantia Estate via Hout Bay. Have lunch on your own account whilst the pilot waits for you to whisk you back along a scenic journey to the base at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.


Even though this is one of the smallest wine regions in all of South Africa, it also has some of the most reputable wine farms, the flight itself is absolutely breath taking and you have the option of choosing between De Grendel, Meerendal or Durbanville Hills where you can, on your own account enjoy an exquisite luncheon whilst the pilot awaits your return.


This incredibly marvellous flight takes you across the Durbanville wine region, over the beautiful Bottelary Hills and enter the exquisite wine region that is Stellenbosch. You may choose between the equally divine estates of Tokara, Blaauwklippen, Asara, Delaire Graff as well as Lanzerac where you may enjoy lunch on your own account whilst the pilot awaits your return.


This flight is known for its incredible sights from the air, the greenery surpasses any you have ever witnessed before, flying high over the Durbanville wine region, as well the magnificent Bottelary Hills and the Helshoogte pass and then flying onto the Banhoek and divinely beautiful Franschoek Valley. Here it is up to you to choose whether to have lunch on your own account at either the Haute Cabriere Estate, the Boschendal Estate or the famous Grande Provence Estate. The pilot will wait for you to enjoy lunch before taking you back to the base.

Specialised Tours:

Heli-Harley Experience

Now this experience is truly an unforgettable one and available nowhere else in Cape Town. First enjoy a awesome flight along the Atlantic coastline over Hout Bay to the Groot Constantia Estate, here you can relax and have a delicious lunch on your own account at the Simons Restaurant before having your hair blown back on a chauffeur driven Harley Davidson back to base.

Heli Zip

This is for the brave and adventurous at heart. The flight first takes you all the way to the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve which is situated in the Elgin Valley. Here you will have the thrilling experience of zip-lining through deep gorges which give you awe-inspiring panoramic views of the greenest flora and the resident fauna, as well as exquisite waterfalls. The price includes zip-lining and the flight.

Cavalli Gold Experience

The flight is sensationally magnificent, passing over False Bay and the Helderberg Mountains, toward the Stellenbosch wine region through the surrounding wine estates. This flight takes you to one of the most prestigious wine farms in the area, the Cavalli Wine Estate which is home to the most sought after horses, the most palette tantalising wines as well as their Equus Dine, where you may enjoy a dining experience that is unforgettable on your own account. The dining experience sees you overlooking a large dam with the Helderberg Mountains in the background, it is truly a magical experience ending off with the pilot flying you back to base.

Shark Cage Diving

This is an entire day experience of a lifetime. As the sun rises in the Mother City, you will be whisked off to Gaansbaai which is the home of the greatly misunderstood and feared Great White Shark. Dive with the Great White Sharks and enjoy lunch on your own account before being whisked back to base.

Game Lodge Flights:


Take an incredible flight through to Aquilla Game Reserve and Lodge which is not just any Game Reserve as they pride themselves on educational experiences in the hope that those who visit will understand the importance of a harmonious existence with Mother Nature.

San Bona

The flight takes you to one on an overnight package which is unforgettable. San Bona sports 54 000 hectares of Rock Art, incredible fauna and flora, beautiful mountains and other marvels to tantalise your imagination. This is definitely a flight that should not be missed.