The imperative bucket list of Cape Town

You have just arrived in the exquisite city of Cape Town, found your accommodation, unpacked your bags and you’re ready to hit the town, but where should you go and what should you see? Below is the imperative must visit and must definitely do things in and around the Mother City.

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Fun activities in Cape Town

A peculiar thing about the mother city is that its filled to the brim with exciting, exhilirating, breath takingly epic things to do. Make sure that even if you’re a local, you own a camera, even if it’s a small one so that you can keep the memories that will without a doubt be made. Cape Town has the luxury of having both the beautiful ocean as well as the tranquil forest and mountain scenery, and this is perhaps the reason that it is filled with endless awesomeness.

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Cape Town Best Things to Do

The hub of all things hip and happening, the mother city offers so many marvelously wonderful things to do that its quite impossible to mention everything in one single article, however because in South Africa we have a saying that goes, ‘Local is Lekker’ we have first hand knowledge of the most exhilarating and exciting things on the Cape Town menu and these epic and entrancingly memorable experiences are listed below for your pleasure!

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A Picnic in the Sky – The Cape Wheel

Photograph by @Capewheel, Instagram
Photograph by @Capewheel, Instagram

Imagine having a scrumptious picnic in the sky whilst a 360-degree panoramic view of Cape Town from the V&A Waterfront surrounds you. The Cape Wheel at The V&A Waterfront presents this magical experience. The vista from The Cape Wheel includes the breathtaking Cape Town skyline, Paarl mountains, the Cape Town Stadium, Robben Island and the majestic Table Mountain. Continue reading “A Picnic in the Sky – The Cape Wheel”

Fly First Class – Fly Cape Town Paragliding

Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram
Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram

With a sense of liberated sovereignty, you dance the wind currents, not a sound unnatural to Mother earth, your eyes touching every corner of the Mother City and beyond It’s the freedom, the surge and flow of adrenaline and utter bewilderment at the indescribable beauty of the big below. Fly Cape Town Paragliding is the answer to having this experience, over and over again. Continue reading “Fly First Class – Fly Cape Town Paragliding”

Saturday Market at The Palms

Hustle and bustle and colourful delicacies everywhere you look. Delicious aromas swirl around you as you drift between all the interestingly flavorful wares on offer. One of the cleanest, most well kept markets by far; Market at The Palms is a mouthwatering experience for a Saturday morning. Continue reading “Saturday Market at The Palms”

What to do in Cape Town under R500

People say that you have to have a large amount of money when travelling to Cape Town to have any fun at all. This is definitely not the case. If you have a small amount of R500 to spare, then Cape Town could be the greatest time of your life. Most of the time, you do not even need as much as R500, but with that said, R500 can take you a long way through the Mother City, known as one of the most beautiful and captivating cities on planet earth.

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By far the best way to see Cape Town

The wind was blowing quite intensely; the tablecloth that everyone had told me about could be seen on Table Mountain. I arrived at Cape Town Helicopters, eager to fly, having no idea what to expect, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I was Greeted at the door by the friendliest people, weighed and ushered to a cozy viewing area outside that shields one from the wind, with a cooldrink I waited… not even five minutes. A welcoming voice called us in to view a short to the point video on safety regulations. Then we met our pilot, Megan, good-natured, well mannered with a firm handshake. I knew we were in good hands.
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Bloubergstrand Beach

The Mother City is famous for her beautiful beaches and pristine blue waters, though they may be cold they are exquisitely perfect for great activities such as wind surfing, surfing, body boarding and all round water sports. Bloubergstrand is a pebbled pleasure with snow white sand and deep cobalt blue sea, as well as having the most exhilirating views of the majestic Table Mountain as its main backdrop.

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The Very Best Cape Town Activities

Cape Town has an activity for anyone, young or old, outgoing or not, fit or not so fit, indoors or out. The City and the surrounds has something for you, it is the reason why the place is a great place to live and a top destination for tourists.

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