The Velvet Cake Co

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Lower Loop Street is home to a divinely quaint place called the Velvet Cake Co. If you love cake and scrumptiously delicious muffins, quiches and all things nice, then this is the destination to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The décor of The Velvet Cake Co. makes one feel like you have stepped off the street straight into wonderland, surrounded by endless wonders that look so delectable, one wants to purchase absolutely everything.

Every single treat in sight is handmade with love, excellence and only the highest quality available, therefore no item is ever exactly the same, but every exquisite item is always superb.

The cakes are endlessly enthralling but the quiches and muffins are equally out of this world. There is a 24hour ordering time that is imperative if you are placing an order for cakes, not on display. The Velvet Cake Co. caters for any event and they have the fairy godmother ability to transform every event, party or gathering into dream come true moments to remember forever.

The Velvet Cake Co. caters for any event and they have the fairy godmother ability to transform every event, party or gathering into dream come true moments to remember forever.

Not only do they do large orders and sell mouthwatering products but they also sell one of the best cups of coffee in town, using only Bean There Coffee beans, the aroma coupled with a slice of salmon & cream cheese quiche is heavenly, to say the least.

Make a point to go and indulge at The Velvet Cake Co. the next time you’re in Loop Street, or visit their website with its wonderful gallery to allure you to come down there and try something awesome.

All hail to Cape Town’s Queen of Tarts

The Cape Town suburb of Observatory is renowned for its edgy clubs and gritty bars – but Tina Bester, the self-proclaimed Queen of Tarts, adds a touch of old world glamour with her fine pastries.

You could be forgiven for imagining you’re in a Parisian pavement pâtisserie when you settle into a chair at Queen of Tarts in Lower Main Road, Observatory, a quick 10-minute drive from the city centre.

The delightful Tina Bester reigns over her delicious kingdom of confectionery, turning out delicate cakes and flaky pastries to the delight of locals and lucky tourists.

The compact menu of breakfast and lunch dishes includes plenty of savoury dishes – try a delicious French toast with Camembert and balsamic reduction, or fresh-baked tarts with a garden salad. But do leave space for something sweet, as Tina’s treats will leave you swooning. You’ll find crumbly custard tarts and feather-light cakes and delicate cupcakes decorated with an artist’s eye.

It’s the reason this quirky corner has become Cape Town’s palace of pastry – and anyone with a passion for pâtisserie should certainly stop in and pay their respects to the Queen.

Charly’s Bakery: Cape Town’s very own cake boss

If anyone rules the world of cake in Cape Town, it’s Charly’s Bakery. As famous for their skyscraper wedding cakes as they are for their colourful and irreverent cupcakes, they’re well worth a detour.

Famous across Cape Town for their “Mucking Afazing” designer cakes, this family-run bakery was started by Charly and Jacqui Biess way back in 1989 and continues to be the go-to bakery when people need a special something out of the oven.

The subject of a reality TV series, the small bakery is always full of curious, hungry and cake-crazy locals. They’re in an odd location off Harrington Street in the East City district, but the colourful eye-catching murals are hard to miss.

Once you’re in the door the choice is yours: take a seat for a coffee and a bite, or fill a box to take away and gorge on in private. While they’re famous for their cakes, they also make some delicious savoury pies and sandwiches. Behind the counter you can watch the “cake angels” hard at work turning out bespoke cakes for weddings and birthdays while you tuck into one of their famous cupcakes.

The rich chocolate cupcake is the signature, but also look out for quirky cupcakes that are often iced to tie in to current events. When Prince William and Kate got married the cupcakes were covered in Union Jacks!

One of Cape Town’s quirkier success stories, Charly’s Bakery remains one of the most-loved bakeries in the city.