The Best burger spots in Cape Town

There is nothing like the burger. According to legend, a man from Athens, Texas by the name of Fletcher Davis was the first person to have served, or at least invented what is known as the burger. It was two slices of bread, jam packed with ground beef patties, bermuda onions and had a pickle on the side. The burger has come a long way since the 1880’s and the mouth watering options that are now available to us is far from simple and ordinary… there is no end to the burger and especially in the Mother City, the heart of the creative soul, below are some of the best burger spots known and loved by everyone! Continue reading “The Best burger spots in Cape Town”

5 of the best burgers in Cape Town

Whether you’re nursing a hangover or just getting the evening started, it’s hard to beat an old-school hamburger done right. These five Cape Town burger bars won’t disappoint.

1. Royale Eatery

Ask a local Capetonian where they had their first gourmet burger and chances are it’ll be Royale Eatery in Long Street, the party strip of Cape Town’s city centre. Arguably the pioneer of the top-notch patty, Royale’s menu stretches to more than 50 different burgers and there’s a nice buzz to the place. It’s really top notch, but is it the best burger in Cape Town? Maybe not any more, some may argue…

2. IYO Burgers

A strong contender for the title of best burger in Cape Town can be found up the road on Bree Street. Halfway down this hipster highway, IYO Burgers combines a superb burger with a sustainable ethos. Their meat comes from free-range grass-fed beef, the potatoes are organic and the vegetables are locally sourced. To top it off, the burgers are superb.

3. The Taproom

There are few better food pairings than a cold beer and a hot burger, and the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company in Salt River does both rather well. The Taproom offers all eight of the Devil’s Peak beers on draught, plus a few specialty beers on the side, while their burger is a generous patty topped with melted emmenthaler cheese. Also look out for their burger specials on Tuesday evenings.

4. Redemption

Just down the road in Woodstock’s trendy Old Biscuit Mill precinct you’ll find another firm favourite. Redemption is about the size of a large broom cupboard, but that doesn’t stop them from whipping together a fantastic burger and bun. The sesame-topped roll is stuffed with a thick juicy patty topped with grilled cheese and – wait for it – a crispy deep-fried onion ring. There’s a chicken burger on offer too, but the beef is your best bet. There’s a good range of craft beers on tap, too.

5. The Dog’s Bollocks

Last but not least, there’s a local secret you should know about. It’s hard to find, it’s low on frills and the owner’s pretty grumpy. The upshot? The Dog’s Bollocks offers burgers that are, well, the name says it all. Open from 17h00, The Dog’s Bollocks dishes up enormous burgers and crispy fries in a cosy, quirky yard off Roodehek Street in the suburb of Gardens. Bring cash and a sense of humour and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s where I get my best burger in Cape Town

Looking for a great old-school burger in Cape Town? Perhaps with a cold craft beer on the side? Matthew Ibbotson, publisher of web-based food magazine ‘Crush Online’, reckons you need to meet Jerry…

Jerry’s Burger Bar started in the Cape Town suburb of Observatory, but they have also opened up in Park Road, off Kloof Street.

It’s a really great burger bar with some of the best burgers in town. They’ve taken some of the American barbeque culture and brought it to Cape Town. Some of the burgers are quite over the top and they have burgers with cheese and other ingredients actually folded inside the patty.

They also have burgers named for the seven deadly sins; burgers you will need to repent for! Take your pick of Pride, Gluttony, Wrath and so on.

Compared to other burger joints in Cape Town I would say they are one of the best in the city. The portions are large too, so you’re not going to leave hungry.

They also have a really good craft beer offering, with a range of good beers on tap.