3 great kiteboarding instructors in Cape Town

You’ve got to start somewhere, and the best way to learn the basics is with a few lessons. A good kiteboarding instructor will not just teach you the techniques — they’ll pass on the right attitude. Here are my top three instructors around Cape Town.

1. Dimitri Panagiotibis

WindChasers, Langebaan

“It’s absolutely vital to go for lessons for the simple reason that safety should be your absolute top priority,” says Dimitri Panagiotibis, who has been teaching since 2002. “Getting into the water safely is as important as having the skills. It’s not something that you learn on your own.”

WindChasers kiteboarding school has been around since 2004. It is one of only two International Kiteboarding Organisation centres in South Africa and was the first kiteboarding school to use radio communication to teach (in 2006). And it’s based in Langebaan — a great location for kiteboarding.

2. Bruce Gonlag

Best Kiteboarding School, Table View

Bruce has been a kiteboarding instructor for 12 years. He learned to kiteboard in England, and teaching others is something that has come quite naturally to him. “Having battled my way through it myself, I found myself spending more and more time helping other people on the weekends,” he says. “That’s when I learned about the qualification and after I completed it I became an instructor.” He hasn’t looked back since!

3. Lewis Crathern

High Five, Sunset Beach

If you prefer something a bit more social and fun, then this is the school for you. High Five is essentially a set of three neighbouring beach houses in Beach Boulevard that offer accommodation and a gateway to the many adventure sports in Cape Town. “Last night we had a huge barbecue,” says Lewis Crathern, who runs the kiteboarding school, “and we’re all about the good vibes.” He recommends group sessions to start with, because they’re cheaper and can be more fun.