Fun Facts you didn’t know about Cape Town

Visiting Cape Town as a tourist is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences that you will ever have, however the tour companies tell you mostly only what is considered to be the framework of the mother city, however beneath her skirt lining are incredible age old secrets that are really kept that way by the locals. It is a richly diverse city with endless places to visit that offer a lifetime of incredible entertainment and memories to be had, however it is the little secrets that give the mother city her finely tuned exquisite nature.

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Cape Town Best Things to Do

The hub of all things hip and happening, the mother city offers so many marvelously wonderful things to do that its quite impossible to mention everything in one single article, however because in South Africa we have a saying that goes, ‘Local is Lekker’ we have first hand knowledge of the most exhilarating and exciting things on the Cape Town menu and these epic and entrancingly memorable experiences are listed below for your pleasure!

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Ten best things to do at night in Cape Town

Every city and place on earth changes when the sun sets. The mother city does so with an elegant graceful beauty that gives visitors and locals incredibly exquisite sunsets to red carpet their entrance into the nightlife that she offers up with butterflies in every stomach for the intensely wide variety of entertainment that rises when the day falls. Clubs, pubs, theatres and night excitement in Cape Town is an entire world on its own and has been reviewed as being just as captivating to the soul as the exquisite beauty that the day offers to those who find themselves in the bosom of the mother city.

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