The Barnet Fair Barber

DSC_0160The matt grey building shows no sign of the exceptionally masculine old gentleman’s club feel that lies within its walls. Crimson red walls, an old cash register, a beige couch headed by a bookstand of old literature, an antique piano in the corner and the epic motorcycle in the middle of the room framing the top class barber chairs, bushes, combs, razors and scissors…

The Barnet Fair Barber and &McIntyre gives an experience that is not met by any other barber in Cape Town. It is truly dedicated to the excellence and simplicity required to create a barber feel of perfection. The services provided range from simple haircuts, buzz fades, beard shaping cut DSC_0159throats, and full on grooming packs. As The Barnet Fair and &McIntyre are dedicated to the grooming of the male, they also welcome the ladies to come recline in the lazy boy feeling barber chairs with a whiskey or brandy in hand.

Both Barnet Fair and &McIntyre welcome events and weddings and do not mind at all to have the photographer step in and click away whilst the sprucing up commences. The setting that is both The Barnet Fair and &McIntyre proves to be the most gorgeous background in any photograph. So why not come step into either The Barnet Fair on Bree Street or & McIntyre on Harrington and be DSC_0144gussied up whilst relaxing with a little something on the rocks. There are also gift vouchers available for those ladies that cant decide on a suitable present, this is a perfect one.