All roads lead to The Shack: the city’s after-party club

The Shack isn’t the coolest club in Cape Town, but this late-night venue is always interesting…

The Shack may not be the prettiest building in town, but you won’t find a friendlier bunch of real people! The regular crowd is extremely mixed, from students to musicians to young professionals and even the odd refugee from a cocktail party over on the fancier side of town. In fact, a common Cape Town expression is that after a certain time of night, “all roads lead to The Shack”.

With five bars to choose from, even on a busy night service is usually good. Each bar is different and play different music depending on the tastes of the bar staff, each of whom gets to play DJ.

Apart from the bars, The Shack features pool and foosball tables, an outdoor area and a kitchen that serves consistently delicious food, including pizza, burgers, stuffed pita, awesome chilli poppers and the most unique fried chips in town.

Only a short cab ride from central Cape Town, The Shack shares a city block with its neighbour Mercury Live, one of Cape Town’s most popular live music venues. This makes it perfect for combining music with an after-party!

Yes, things can get messy at The Shack, but the regulars and visitors wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Shack is open till 4am, seven days a week. It open at 12pm from Monday to Friday and 6pm on the weekends. It offers a unique experience and is well worth a visit.