Cape Town Kids

Traveling to any place in the world with children takes a normal holiday and changes it quite considerably. Most destinations in the world do not cater for families with children, and this makes it rather difficult for the adults to be able to see all the sights that there are to see without having a babysitter that one can trust in place. However Cape Town, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world caters extensively for families with children, in fact from child friendly accommodation to wonderful restaurants to dine at, the Mother city has you and your little ones covered. Below is a short comprehensive list on where to stay, what to see, what to do and where to eat. Continue reading “Cape Town Kids”

Fun activities in Cape Town

A peculiar thing about the mother city is that its filled to the brim with exciting, exhilirating, breath takingly epic things to do. Make sure that even if you’re a local, you own a camera, even if it’s a small one so that you can keep the memories that will without a doubt be made. Cape Town has the luxury of having both the beautiful ocean as well as the tranquil forest and mountain scenery, and this is perhaps the reason that it is filled with endless awesomeness.

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The Very Best Cape Town Activities

Cape Town has an activity for anyone, young or old, outgoing or not, fit or not so fit, indoors or out. The City and the surrounds has something for you, it is the reason why the place is a great place to live and a top destination for tourists.

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