Kick back, relax and enjoy the latest movies in luxury

Movies are much more fun when you can stretch out, lay back and take it all in in total comfort. Luckily there are swanky cinemas in Cape Town that to do just that.

I’m happiest when I’m lying down. That’s why the minute I got into my puffy chair at the Cine Prestige, a slicker than usual Ster-Kinekor cinema in the Cavendish Square shopping mall in Claremont (20 minutes drive to the city centre), I pushed my reclining chair right back and kept it that way until the final credits rolled into view.

Having a 3-D viewing experience in the position first-class air travellers enjoy was more satisfying than the film itself – and avid filmgoers will be happy to know that a similar experience awaits at Nu Metro Scene’s luxury cinema and lounge concept at the V&A Waterfront. There, each of the three theatres – which seat a maximum of 19 people – is kitted out with up-to-the-minute sound and visual equipment, as well as the plush reclining leather chairs.

These plush cinemas offer up a few other gimmicks, like the option of having food and drinks served to you while the film is rolling, which to me seems a bit unnecessary. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m happy carrying my popcorn into the cinema unaided.

If the full five-star treatment is your thing though, you’ll be happy with the idea that you place your food and drinks order when you arrive, and it’s brought to you at your stipulated times during the screening. An aisle between the seats allows for waiters to serve you, and a small table with soft lighting ensures you can see what you’re eating.

But for me, it’s really the combination of 3-D viewing, plenty of space and the ability to put your feet up that makes a trip to a luxury screening worth it.