Sun Setter Soul Gathering

Guided movement of many feet in mindful unison. Dancing into your own divinity, under the oranges, reds and yellows of the setting sun; or the silver gleaming rays of the full moon. It is magical guided meditation and dance events like these that Shift has brought to the Cape Town community. Believing that unity, love and world peace starts with the individual, they host events that promote spiritual awareness and oneness, through yoga, dance and meditation.

Shift South Africa is a Social Organization that aims to create positive change within individuals, communities and the environment. Their mission is to inspire change through the creation of innovative events and gatherings, which are educational, empowering to the individual and the community as a whole at the same time as being fun. The events created by Shift are truly soul awakening experiences. Shift South Africa has made positive ripples throughout the Cape Town community and the South African community at large. Their positive outlook has touched many souls and continues to do so. Below is an idea of the ethos and values that they uphold through everything that they do:

  • To collaborate together in creating one sustainable, unified and peaceful earth.
  • Every  single person exists for a reason.
  • All humans have the right to Love, happiness and healthy lifestyles.
  • There is no being with more or less value than any other being on this planet.
  • If every individual can find inner peace then the world as a whole is closer to a peaceful existence.
  • Shift believes in taking an active social stand to ensure that love, abundance and kindness is spread throughout our communities.
  • Most importantly Shift believes in the unfaltering power of love.

soul finding

Shifts latest event is brought to you by ‘No Danger Diaries’ and ‘Shift’, and will take place on the 30th March 2016, on the beautiful Camps Bay beach. There will be wireless headphones provided and a delicious healthy smoothie for each person, over and above the great peace and divine unity that you will find in partaking in an event such as this one. Tickets are

R150 and are subject to pre entry only, tickets can be bought at as there will be no tickets sold at the door. Come join in this awe-inspiring event to co-create a sustainable, united and peaceful earth.

If you by chance miss this one be sure to check out for more exciting events.


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