The suidoosterfees is an incredible festival presenting phenomenal artistic performances in light of the atrocities, truths and harsh realities behind the infamous story of District 6. Sponsored by some of the greatest and trusted business names in South Africa such as Media24, Huis Genoot, RSG, Die Burger, Kyknet, and the Department of Arts and Culture to name but a few as well as hosting some of the most beloved performing artists in South Africa, Die Suidoosterfees is definitely something that cannot be missed.

There is an incredible lineup of Comedy, Caberet, musical genius ranging from both the classical well known folk songs as well as your most popular pieces, there are awe-inspiring theatre productions as well as an unbelievable lineup aimed at entertaining the children not to mention the myriad of in between gems in creativity waiting to catch your attention. The entire Suidoosterfees is a Mother City exclusive event, concentrating on keeping the diversely rich history and culture of Cape Town alive through presenting only the best performing artists and creative representations regardless of the creative medium. The organizers of this unmatched magnificent festival are just as creatively inspiring and have an equally outstanding track record in believing in keeping the culture and history of the Mother City alive as the festival itself has. The organisers include names like Neil Rademan, Lyndsay Cader, Jason Edson, and Rene Arendse to mention but a few.

If you are familiar with names such as Mustaq Brev, David Kramer and Alistair Izobell then you know the unbelievable excellence and creativity that awaits you on the programme of the Suidoosterfees. The entire festival is truly the talk of Cape Town and all people who love the Mother City know the exceptional detailed planning and perfection that the Suidoosterfees is, an event not to missed, an event of astronomically important proportions to not only the Cape Town culture and creativity that is naturally present everywhere you look, but also to the perhaps forgotten importance of keeping the Afrikaans language and heritage alive. Suidoosterfees is an unmatched experience and will not disappoint. Make a definite point to check out their website at and see the phenomenal cast expected, read words from some of the main organisers and have a peep into the unbelievable burst of culture and creativity that awaits you with one of Cape Towns most intensely important and mind blowing festivals in the history of the Mother City.

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