Spectacular views from Signal Hill

Known as one of the most exquisite cities on planet earth, Cape Town offers a wide variety of magical spots that sport incredible vistas, breathtaking panoramas and memorably phenomenal views. There are however those special places that stand out and known to the locals as the timeless magical secrets of Cape Town, Signal Hill is one of these sensationally marvellous places that must be experienced to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty that is the Mother City.

Signal Hill is also known as the Lion’s Rump and is the flat topped hill that is located next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. It is said that when looking at Lion’s Head and Signal Hill together that they resemble a lion sphinx together. From the top of Signal Hill you have the priveledge of viewing the entire scope of the City Bowl including the wide expanse of the ocean. Signal Hill offers a space where sunsets and sunrises can be enjoyed by picnicking with friends on the beautiful Hill, which is the last and only home to the critically endangered Peninsula Shale Renosterveld.

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy the incredible sunsets from the top of Signal Hill is to hop on the red double decker City Sightseeing tour bus, which has stops at the Waterfront as well as in Long Street. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the departure time, which can be found on their website www.citysightseeing.co.za/tours/entry/sunset-bus. Apart from all the other phenomenal tours that City Sightseeing tours offer, the Signal Hill Sunset tour is one of their daily magical gifts to the whole of Cape Town. The entire trip lasts 3 hours and brings you back just before darkness falls. There are always a large group of people on top of Signal Hill to bask in the famous sunsets, some Capetonians have made it quite a tradition to incorporate a nightly visit or even a morning sunrise into their life schedules and once you experience your first Signal Hill sunset or sunrise you will fully understand why.

Capetonians are a friendly and open breed of people, they encompass many walks of life and it is not a strange thing to make a few acquaintances on top of Signal Hill, perhaps even some life long friends. If you don’t go for the social ambience, definitely make a point, be it sunset or sunrise to go and bask in the brilliant beauty of an unforgettable panoramic inspiration.

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