smart living with smart art

What makes people so interesting is that we’re all quite different, especially when it comes to home furnishings and décor. Some like bold prints and bright colours; others, like me, prefer a classic neutral palette with subtle textures and perhaps just the tiniest hint of colour. And then there those in between the extremes.

Take into account individuality, the desire for something unique, ever-changing trends and seasonal colours, and the chance of finding that perfect, unique furniture or décor item decreases considerably.

Which is where Theresa van Wyk comes in. After a childhood in the Karoo and attending a farm school, Theresa was ready to experience city life, which she did by spending eight years in the corporate world in London. When Theresa returned to South Africa in 2005 she noted two big changes: a “décor revolution” was underway and more and more homeowners were accessing the internet, opening up a whole new world of design.

Theresa set herself up in her garage, taught herself how to use design programs and Smart Art was born. Within five months of opening, Smart Art was awarded the Elle Decoration Design Award and the rest, well, was just as exciting.

The concept is simple and summed up in four words: Your Image, Your Art. Theresa wanted to give people the freedom to choose exactly what they wanted in their homes, from walls to floors and everything in between, using products custom made from Smart Art’s design collection or recreated from clients’ own original works. Wallpaper, canvasses, textiles, floor tiles, vinyl stickers – nothing is impossible when it comes to creating the perfect, often entirely unique item.

If you’re a pastel person, this season is made for you; spring pastels abound. Or get ready for summer by swapping boring parasols and the ubiquitous white plastic chair with a stunning printed outdoor parasol and unique deck chairs in your favourite print.

And take a look at the slideshow of children’s bedrooms below, designed by Smart Art intern, Lauren. We think they’re adorable.

The only limit is your imagination.

Visit the Smart Art studio at the Woodstock Foundry at 160 Albert Road, or the websiteto learn more. Alternatively, call 021 447 0872.

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