Signal Hill AKA The Lions Rump

The flat peak located next to Lion’s head, Signal Hill or The Lion’s Rump is the only place in the world besides Devils Peak that is home to the critically endangered Peninsula Shale Renosterveld. Signal Hill is also home to the most exquisite sunsets in Cape Town and many a sunset sees crowds of people gathering with a blanket and basket of snacks to bask in the exquisite setting sun over the Mother City.

Photograph by @bluebutterfly11, Instagram.

Home to the famous noon gun and several tombs or Kramats for Muslim missionaries and Islamic religious leaders. The Kramats form what is known as ‘The circle of Islam’, they are spread around Cape Town including one that is found on Robben Island. The Kramat up top Signal Hill can be identified by the white square structure with an emnerald green dome, it was built to resemble a mini mosque. It is the Kramat of Sheikh Mohammed Ghaibie Shah al Qadri who was a devout follower of Sheikh Yusuf, more commonly known as Muhammad Yusuf al-Maqassari, he was a muslim of noble decent who was exiled to the Cape of Good Hope and was responsible for the birth of Islam in the Cape.

Photograph by @bhhbrockett, Instagram.

Signal Hill received its name because of the signal flags that were used to communicate weather warnings as well as anchoring instructions to ships entering the bay. Today the most exhilarating way to go and enjoy the epic views and sunsets is to take the City Sightseeing Sunset Tour. The iconic red double decker bus departs daily from the stop outside the Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront and the tour’s duration is approximately 3 hours. Taking you up to Signal Hill to experience the most awe-inspiring sunset that Cape Town has to offer. In summer there is a resident ice cream truck on the peak of Signal Hill that has the most exciting flavors of soft serve.

After a long day of touring and trekking around Cape Town, why not take a trip on the red double decker City Sightseeing bus and bring along a friend or two to enjoy the breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa.

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