shapeshifters by black betty

When your father is an architect and your mother an interior designer, you tend to grow up surrounded by beautiful things. Chances are, you will also inherit an abundance of creative talent. Kristen Weixelbaumer is no exception and before starting Black Betty with her sister Klaudia (also an interior designer) in 2012, she had amassed over 10 years’ experience in design.

While the first Black Betty range was inspired by a trip to India, Kristen’s latest range, Shapeshifters, is inspired by the notion of African Geometry, found in everything from the the cities’ overarching skyscrapers, Cape-fold mountains and interesting graphic patterns of the continent’s design language.

The Shapeshifter Range is an expression of this fertile land and its evolving shapes. These silhouettes have been interpreted into angular-designed earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants using diamonds and black and gold rhodium plated silver. As the name suggests, although these facets of the city, its natural surrounds and textured products seemed fixed to the naked eye, they are continuously growing and changing, and as the ages and decades pass so, too, do their energy and the way they are perceived, reminding us to do the same.

To see more, find stockists or shop online, visit the Black Betty website.

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