San Bona and Cape Town Helicopters

When you combine the Cape’s premier wildlife destination with the elite Cape Town Helicopter’s brand new addition to their fleet, the almost silent EC120, highly professional pilots with amazing personalities, you get one of the most exhilarating trips known to man – Cape Town Helicopters San Bona Wildlife helicopter trip. Not only is the journey to and from San Bona one of incredible sights and breathtaking views but it is also a helicopter ride to one of the most terrific wildlife experiences that you will ever encounter. This is an overnight package with a serious touch of class and sophistication mixed in with open landscapes and safari sunsets of magnitudes unimaginable. This is definitely a trip not to be missed at all.

The entire safari experience at San Bona is a remarkably supreme one, with an incredible amount of animals to be seen, ranging from your Riverine Rabbit and Steenbok to the Black Wildebeest, Red Wildebeest, the large majestic Kudu, the Gemsbok, Eland, the Black-backed Jackal, the incredibly fast Cheetah, the White Rhino, the African Buffalo, the giant African Elephant as well as the beautiful Lion, to name but a few. The reserve is an perfect place for bird watching enthusiasts with over 200 species to view, including the interesting Namaqua Sandgrouse who travels a total of 80kms in search of water and meanwhile collects the water on its breast feathers, taking it back to its chicks. Besides the myriad of activities offered by the San Bona Wildlife Reserve, this reserve is one of the greatest and most thrilling photographic dreams, especially when undertaking the boat safari that San Bona boasts as being one of the top activities on offer.

There are so many extraordinary things to encounter at San Bona, but one of the top things is most probably the exclusive rock art sites that were created by the San people of Africa, the seven main sites can be dated back approximately 3500 years ago, however there are many more rock art sites scattered around the 54,000 hectare estate that San Bona compromises of. The very land itself is made up of sedimentary sandstones, stiltstones and mudstones that reach back to the Devonian Era, which is known as the period of the beginning of all life on earth. There have been many trace fossils of a variety of marine invertebrates found on this land. Then when one looks up, as if the very ground wasn’t the most sensationally awe-inspiring existence in itself, the star gazing that happens at San Bona, is compared to the most formidable sites in the world.

When it is all said and done, San Bona sports a wondrous relaxation spa, with mind blowing treatments to relax all the awe-inspired muscles that were collected during the day. Once your overnight stay is over, Cape Town Helicopters will whisk you back in another thrilling helicopter flight back to base. This is by far one of the most awesome trips to undertake, it is truly a journey of a lifetime well worth experiencing and do not forget to take a camera.

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