Robben Island brought to you by Cape Town Helicopters

There are two ways of viewing the immensely beautiful and historically rich UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Robben Island, the one is by ferry and by land, and the other is by air, both are definitely recommended as both provide a completely different perspective on the magnitude of cultural and historical essence that makes up this large expanse of land. Taking off from the grandly majestic Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, in the highly capable hands of your top professional pilots from Cape Town Helicopters in a first class helicopter, is where your journey toward the Aerial experience of Robben Island begins.

Robben Island comes from the Dutch name meaning ‘Seal Island’. Interestingly enough the entire island is flat and really only a few metres above sea level, which is a result of ancient erosion occurrences. The Island itself is more famously known for being the place where former President of South Africa was imprisoned for 18 years of his 27 year sentence, but the Island has been a prison to more than one president of South Africa including the current president Jacob Zuma. The Island is also a South African National Heritage Site as well as being scattered with incredible sites that date back to WWII. Viewing Robben Island from the air is a wondrous mind blowing experience, the myriad ship wrecks along the coastline can only truly be appreciated from the air, as with a tour on land one does not get the opportunity to witness them all. The highest point on the Island which was once known as Fire Hill, has since been renamed to Minto Hill is also one of the great sites truly appreciated from the air. Interestingly enough the lighthouse which is currently there was built in 1864, and is the only lighthouse in South Africa to use a flashing light instead of a revolving light which has a pulse beam that reaches 24 nautical miles in visibility.

Due to the large amount of Islamic prisoners captured and imprisoned on the Island the Island has itself become a well known Muslim pilgrimage site, with many muslims making the journey to visit the Moturu Kramat, also a spectacle from an aerial view point. There is a large amount of wildlife on the Island, and many other fantastic and interesting sites to see, all of which will be pointed out and shown to you in detail by your highly experienced pilots from Cape Town Helicopters who know the ins and outs of the Island as well as they can fly a helicopter and that is always with a unique air of absolute excellence.

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