Quiz Nights in Cape Town

Quiz night has lost the stigma of a geek-only-thing; it’s become one of those addictive and enjoyable things to do on a weekday. Thursdays have become synonymous with Quiz nights, and everyone that hosts one, usually hosts them on a Thursday.

Cape Town’s resident population is largely artistically minded and creative and a great Quiz night with a prize to the ‘most intelligent’, is always a catch. The setting is also extremely important, so the venues that have been selected below are the most vibey and fantastic places in Cape Town to come out of your shell on a Thursday night, grab a friend or five and come show off your mental awesomeness.

  • Aandklas: Situated in Stellenbosch, 43A Bird Street. Quiz night starts at 9pm and the cost for entrance is R20. Prizes are a gigantic bar tab but the competition is fierce so bring along extra speedy neuron firing abilities. The vibe is a young, rocker student vibe however everyone is welcome and Aandklas has cheap brandy and coke, always.
  • Firemans Arms: Hosted by Quiz Nite Cape Town, the Firemans Pub is an epic venue in itself, adding a Quiz night with excellent prizes up for grabs just bowls one over. Situated at cnr. Buitengracht & Mechau St, Cape Town, the pub has your finest beers on tap. There is in fact not a beer that is not available in this bar. The vibe is excellent and welcomes everyone with Firemans Arms. Quiz night is only R20 p/p and make sure to come early, there is never a quiet quiz night.
  • The Hollow Tree: The Hollow Tree at Oude Westhof has started implementing Quiz night which begins 5th May 2016 and will continue to take place every Thursday thereafter. The setting is exquisitely homely yet modern, the service is fast and top notch. They do things a little differently and require a team of minimum 6 people to take part as a team, it costs R20 p/p to enter but the prizes are awesome and there are quiz duration drink giveaways which makes this quiz night worth waiting for.
  • Fisherman’s Family Restaurant: Located in Kommetjie, this is the quiz night where you can bring the kids along. Make sure that your team is 6 people or less. It costs R20p/p to enter and whilst the food is simply divine, the setting is relaxed and allows the quiz to be of a chilled nature. Quiz starts at 6pm and youlle be surprised at the amount of geniuses present.

Quiz nights are a fantastic idea in the winter months as well as all year round. We all have an inner genius or an inner comedian who thinks they’re a genius. Some people do take quiz nights quite seriously but usually it’s a fun filled battle of the wits and all are welcome to bring those brain cells for a little bit of gym time.

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