Perfect Balance – Mountain Falls Water

The average adult human body consists of 50 – 65% water, a large percentage of the drinking water in South Africa is 500 times more acidic than pH7, which is the neutral level at which water should be perfectly balanced with. Thus far only one water balances in perfect harmony with a pH7, Mountain Falls Water.

Mineral Falls Water also consists of 350mg/l (TDS), which indicates the quantity of dissolved minerals present in the water, the minimum prescribed amount present should be no less than 250mg/l, therefore Mineral Falls Water is high above any other water as well as, according to statistics is the only water in South Africa apt to carry the title of a mineral water.

Situated in the Cape Ford Belt of the Western Cape lay the luscious green Kleinrivier Mountains, the source where Mountain Falls Water is hand bottled. Apart from supplying to over a hundred well known places like Truth Coffee (voted the worlds number one coffee shop), Hard Pressed Cafe (home of music and coffee magic), The Bootlegger in Sea Point and Yoga Life, Mountain Falls Water also supplies stylish black stainless steel water coolers. The prices are extremely reasonable and they do deliveries once a week but will deliver at any time in the week if you happen to run out of water.

We live in an age where what we eat and place into our bodies is extremely important and the water that we drink is even more so. The wisest decision to make is to choose a company that not only cares about the product that they offer, the people that they offer it too but most importantly the perfection of that product. Mountain Falls Water is a company just like that.

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